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We are currently operating virtual Scouting across all Sections

We know that many of us have come through this pandemic knowing someone or being the someone who has been affected by the events of this year. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness, and if we can help in any way then please do get in touch with us, in confidence.

A great source of help with food provision and many other things, like helping to replace broken appliances, is the Dons Local Action group https://donslocalaction.orgI we can put you in touch with specific people if that helps. 



We all want to get back to face to face Scouting, but we want to do it safely, and we have a lot of red tape to comply with to ensure that certain standards are met in Scouting across the UK. 

Red tape is there for a good reason and so this page helps you to understand what we are doing as a Scout Group to comply and what we need you to do as Parents/Guardians of Young People in the Group. Then we also show you what we need the Young People to be able to do as well. If we all work together, we can make Scouting happen with as little Covid-19 transmission as possible.

In mid 2020, we produced a survey to all Parents/Guardians to gauge how parents initially felt about each of the potential stages for return to face to face Scouting, and what we can offer as part of them. The survey closed with a resounding response that you trusted us to be able to do what is right and best and so thank you to all those who responded.

The COVID Code

The Covid Code provided by The Scout Association sets out to show the basic steps of getting back to face to face Scouting:

Covid Code

The Readiness Level

The Scout Association is operating a colour coded system for defining what activities may be undertaken - this follows on from the National Youth Agency (NYA) framework. Each of the colours evolve with the latest definitions of what type of Scouting might be able to be delivered by what methods and means. The Readiness Levels are generally mirroring the Government’s own scales of measurement, such as Tiers being used at the time of writing. They are defined in conjunction with the Government.

The Government currently recognises that activities like Scouting are essential for the well-being of Young People and therefore the Readiness Levels have their own definitions of what is acceptable – for example, at times when the Rule of Six was in operation for the population, approved Scout Groups could still meet in small groups of up to 15 Young People and up to 5 Adults with them.

Back together safely

The Current Readiness Level in England, and our local area - and what might be able to be provided - can be found here

Each of the devolved nations, Areas, Regions or Bailiwicks may have their own Readiness Level based on local circumstances. You may even find that at times there are specific Towns, Cities or Counties etc. that have their own Readiness Level based on the progression of outbreak and risk in that locale. It is incredibly important to know what the current Readiness Level is for areas covering Wimbledon, so we are regularly checking the above link and advise that all Parents/Guardians do the same.

OUR GROUP POLICY - v.4.0 Updated January 2021

The Policy that we have committed to as a Scout Group is to follow and instigate the guidance being regularly provided to us by The Scout Association, which essentially states that we should follow the latest Guidance and Policy of the Government and Public Health England (PHE).

We encourage all Parents/Guardians to regularly find and familiarise themselves with the latest advice and instruction online at gov.uk and follow the Coronavirus (Covid-19) - What you need to do link, appearing on the Home page. Please read the contents fully.

We require all Parents/Guardians/Youth Members and Adult Leaders and Helpers to comply with the latest Government Policy regarding Covid-19.

IMPORTANT: In our Group and our Sections
Each of our Sections in our Scout Group has to complete and have gained District approval for Covid-19 Risk Assessments for their own specific ability to operate face to face activities for each of the Readiness Levels - as such, some Sections might be able to provide face to face activities, and in certain locations, when others may not be able to do so. By no means is this a failing of a Section. We are sure that you understand that with an evolving viral pandemic, advice and guidance changes as rapidly as the virus - and so does what we can offer. Rather than advise you on every twist and turn, we will simply advise you whenever we CAN offer face to face or let you know whenever we may have to return to virtual Scouting for the next Meeting. In other words, just because our area may be able to provide a particular Readiness Level of Scouting, we may not be able to provide that same Level, for multiple reasons - none of which will be incompetence or failure.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE (but please let us know): 

  • You may decide to temporarily withdraw your Young Person from attending Scouting with us, given the developing scenario, simply as a personal choice. If you do, you must immediately email info@8thwimbledon.org to advise us - in return you will receive communication from your child’s Section to discuss how long your child’s place will be reserved for. A space for your Young Person may only be retained by the continued payment of Membership Subscriptions and Annual Fee, as applicable. (See http://8thwimbledon.org/PARENT-PORTAL-OSM-AND-MEMBERSHIP-SUBS for latest information on charges). A temporary reduction in numbers attending Meetings may result in it being impractical to continue to keep that Section or the Group operating on a weekly basis. (See HOW WE WILL ADVISE YOU below.)
  • Adult Leaders and Helpers are equally being given the freedom of choice regarding their attendance in undertaking activities with us, given the developing scenario. This may cause a staffing shortage, resulting in it being impractical to continue to keep that Section or the Group operating on a weekly basis. (See HOW WE WILL ADVISE YOU below.)

Face Coverings


As part of this process, we will need a Parent/Guardian to complete this online form to say that you approve to your Young Person being able to move to the next Readiness Level of AMBER activities, whenever we are able/allowed to deliver them. You only ever need to complete this AMBER Approval once and an entry must be completed for each child that you have in the Group. The approval form will follow them as they grow older and move through the Sections. WITHOUT a completed form for your child they WILL NOT be permitted to undertake any face to face Scouting activities under AMBER Readiness whenever they become available - they will however still be able to undertake any virtual Scouting provided. Once we are given the clearance to move to YELLOW or GREEN Readiness Levels we will issue approval forms for those Levels.

Please complete this AMBER Agreement ASAP to help our planning: https://forms.gle/uqbcauB3LUT5tiVD8

We will also require you, as one of the Parents/Guardians of your child, to complete and sign up to the Code of Conduct for each child (similar to the above, it will be able to travel with them through the Group as they move up a Section. You will not have to complete this every time we change Readiness Level or what we can offer - it's a sign-once form). WITHOUT a completed Code of Conduct your young person will not be able to undertake any face to face Scouting whenever we are able to deliver it.

Please complete this ASAP to help our planning: https://forms.gle/MQPmCS8KDBjE1Xrf8

You will be able to check if you have completed these forms by looking at your Young Person's Records on the Parent Portal of OSM and looking at the Other Information panel (There may be a slight delay in updating this information).


  • If a Youth Member is generally unwell and is NOT demonstrating Covid-19 related symptoms, and will not be attending, it is essential that you immediately email either beavers@8thwimbledon.org cubs@8thwimbledon.org or scouts@8thwimbledon.org - as appropriate, as someone else might be able to take their space.
  • If a Youth Member demonstrates ANY of the key symptoms requiring isolation, as detailed on gov.uk, or has been placed into enforced isolation as a result of exposure to Covid-19, it is essential that you immediately complete the following form: Form for Parents/Guardians to report YP Isolating or tested detailing the situation, including any known contacts associated with attendance at the Scout Group and the anticipated dates for Isolation. Please do not send them along to a face to face Meeting - they will be able to still participate in any online virtual Meeting which may be happening, if they feel well enough to do so.


Your Young Person's Leaders will inform you the following about any face-to-face Scouting Meetings, as part of the joining instructions:

  1. The start time, end time and date of the Meeting.
  2. The location.
  3. Any specific equipment or clothing to be worn. This will also include requirements for face coverings, detailing whether they are compulsory or optional. It may place restrictions on what can be brought along too.
  4. Any specific details about how to arrive at the Meeting and how to leave the Meeting.
  5. Any specific details about the location, such as no toilet facilities being available.
  6. A reminder to make sure that your Young Person's details are correct on OSM and that all details for contacting you, as their Parent/Guardian, are up to date.
  7. A reminder that the Meeting may be cancelled at short notice, due to a change in circumstances, which will be issued via email through OSM


  • There will be no drinking facilities available unless part of an organised activity by the Leaders, so every Young Person will need to bring their own drink in a sealed, labelled, non-glass bottle if they require a drink.
  • It may be the case, particularly for an outdoor Meeting, that there may be no toilet facilties available. Young People should be encouraged to 'go' before they come along to a face to face meeting, where this is highlighted.
  • To reduce the risk of transmission, we may ask you to print things out before attending or collect together some small items of equipment for specific use by your Young Person - please look out for this as it will be highlighted in any invitation to attend a face to face Meeting.
  • All those invited to attend and their Parent/Guardian will have signed the Code of Conduct and will do their best to adhere to it please :) Repeat offenders may be asked to not attend for a period of time to maintain safety.
  • ALL Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts MUST be accompanied and collected from any face to face Meetings by their Parent/Guardian - you must remain with them until they have been granted full access to the Meeting by the Leader in charge of granting admission, and you have been told that they have been granted full admission and that you may go.
  • We actively discourage car sharing due to cross-contamination risks, but Parents/Guardians may still organise this at their own risk.
  • To reduce the number of vehicles, causing potential congestion, please walk or cycle as much as is possible.
  • For Scouts, we would prefer that they are similarly accompanied by a Parent/Guardian but it is not a requirement.
  • All arriving participants will have their forehead temperature taken by the Leader in charge of granting admission and will be asked to answer key questions about their current health. Thease are:
      • Do you have a new continuous cough? A new continuous cough is where you have a new cough that’s lasted for an hour; have had 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours or are coughing more than usual.
      • Do you have a fever/high temperature (37.8 C or greater)? This will also be tested by forehead thermometer. A high temperature is feeling hot to the touch on your chest or back (you may feel warm, cold or shivery).
      • Do you have a loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste?
  • If the answer to any of the above is YES, ideally do not send them along to the Meeting and use the form here (Form for Parents/Guardians to report YP Isolating or testedto advise the Leader in advance of the Meeting.
  • If the answer to any of the above is YES and the Young Person is present, then the Young Person will be refused entry into any face to face Meeting for the next 14 days or until a negative Covid-19 Test result has been advised to the Leaders. Please respect the decision of the Leader in charge of granting admission.
  • If a Scout has been refused entry and their Parent/Guardian is not present we will make every reasonable attempt to speak direct with their Parent/Guardian BEFORE sending them home to isolate.

We require all those attending a weekly Meeting indoors to wash their hands with the soap and running water provided, when they arrive and before they leave. They will also do so before eating or preparing any food or snacks during the Meeting and immediately after any potential hazards for contamination are identified. Where running water is unavailable, non-alcohol based sanitiser will be used. As a Scout Group we are using Dettol Antibacterial soap for hand washing and non-alcohol Biocidal Virusol as hand sanitiser. The Meeting place and any equipment being used will have been fully cleaned, following guidelines, before use. Equipment may additionally be cleaned during a Meeting. If it has been impossible to clean equipment used then it will have been qwuarantined for 72 hours before re-use.

We may be required to have doors and windows open, with no heating on, during Indoor Meetings, to maintain good ventilation, so please always ensure that your Young Person has a coat with them.

We require all those attending a weekly Meeting outdoors to wash their hands with soap and water before they travel to the Meeting and when they arrive home. They will have their hand saitised before eating or preparing any food or snacks during the Meeting and immediately after any potential hazards for contamination are identified. We will also sanitise their hands upon arrival. As a Scout Group we are using non-alcohol Biocidal Virusol as hand sanitiser.

We require Parents/Guardians to educate their Youth Member on the latest advice, especially regarding coughs, sneezes, interactions with others, washing hands, and minimising risks by keeping hands away from mouths and eyes where possible and all required self-care practise from 
gov.uk regarding Covid-19. Make sure that your Youth Member knows to speak with a Leader or Helper if they feel ill during a Meeting or Scouting activity.

If you as a Parent/Guardian have anything to discuss with a Leader it is preferable that you ask them to contact you, rather than hang around on a Meeting night. This will help to keep plans moving and reduce the number of people staying in an area.


Details regarding plans, amendments or cancellations to Section-related activities will come from your child’s Section Leaders.  beavers@8thwimbledon.org cubs@8thwimbledon.org or scouts@8thwimbledon.org

Details regarding plans, amendments or cancellations for Group events or changes to our Group Policy for Covid-19 will come from our Group Scout Leader (GSL), Ron Crabb.  gsl@8thwimbledon.org


It is important that all Parents/Guardians have created a free account with Online Scout Manager (OSM). If you are having problems doing so, please email info@8thwimbledon.org

From now on, all communications regarding Covid-19 will come to you via OSM. This is the quickest way for us to respond to evolving changes. Please ensure that you have allowed the email address and/or check your junk file regularly, particularly on a night where your child is due to attend, as there may be news about that night.


Please do email Ron Crabb, Group Scout Leader (GSL) on gsl@8thwimbledon.org 

We thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation at this difficult and uncertain time. Let’s keep talking.

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