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Cubs in tents

Cubs logo

We are currently operating virtual Scouting

Who are the Cubs?

What do Cubs do?

Cubs are young people aged 8-10½ yrs who learn about their friends, the world around them, and how they  through games, a series of activities, badges and awards designed to help them grow and develop as amazing young people.

They meet every week in a Cub Pack, run by an adult team of volunteers, one of which is the Cub Scout Leader.

Cubs - Contact: cubs@8thwimbledon.org Will Hay, Cub Scout Leader (CSL) aka Akela; Katherine CurranAssistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL) aka Kaa; Rosie Paul (ACSL) aka Hathi; Aimee Robinson (ACSL) aka Rama; Eleni Erotokritou (ACSL) aka Chil; Arthur Browne (ACSL) aka Mowgli.

Our Cub Pack meets at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Herbert Road, Wimbledon, London on a Thursday from 1810-1945 hrs. We tend to operate our weekly Meetings for the Sections on the same schedule as Term Times for London Borough of Merton Schools. These dates may be found here: https://www.merton.gov.uk/education-and-learning/schools/school-term-dates-and-holidays

Our Scout Group as a whole is managed by our Group Scout Leader (GSL), Ron Crabb (known to the youth Members as Grey Wolf). Email: info@8thwimbledon.org

You can find out what The Scout Association has to say about Cub Scouts right here, but make sure that you come back to us to find out all about what we do at the 8th Wimbledon Scout Group.

Find out how much it costs for your child to join our Scout Group through this link here.

There are loads of amazing Cub Awards that Cubs love to take part in. Find out details of them here - then come back to us.

There are also some fantastic Cubs Activity Badges. Check them out then come back to us.

Cubs badges ident
Cubs lingo

All new recruits to our Cub Pack must undertake the Cubs Membership Award - here are the details

A Generic Parents Guide to Cubs - Free download available

What do they wear?

And we bet that you're wondering what Cubs wear at Pack Meetings and on outings? Well have a look here to see Scout Headquarters' handy guide to Cubs uniform and badge placement.  Make sure that you come back to us again to find out where you can get the Cub uniform and what we say you need to get to be part of the 8th Wimbledon Scout Group.

You can buy uniform: 

  • In person at: Wimbledon and Wandle District Scout Store. When you buy from the District Scout Store, our Scout Group gets to keep a share of the profit.
  • Or in person at: Fields Scouting Supplies, 32 Tolworth Rise South, Tolworth KT5 9NN. Tel: 020 8335 5450 (ring for opening times).
  • Or online at National Scout Shops Store. They often have discount codes available. 

The only parts of Cub uniform that you need are: Cub Scouts uniform Sweatshirt + Scouts Activity Trousers Kids or Girls or Kids Unisex Shorts + Lemon Yellow Youth Plain Scarf/Necker + Kids Plastic Woggle (The Cub Scout Leader will tell you a specific colour Woggle to buy - this may be swapped by the Cub Scout Leader during your child's stay in Cubs for a different colour if they ever change Six.)

How much does it cost to attend?

For the latest details regarding Membership Subscriptions, Annual Headquarters' Membership fee and provision for retaining Membership while not attending, please follow this link: http://8thwimbledon.org/PARENT-PORTAL-OSM-AND-MEMBERSHIP-SUBS

Where do I go from here?

If you are thinking of encouraging your child to join our Cub Pack then please follow this link to add your child's name to our Waiting List.

Add your child's details to our Waiting List here!

Sometimes we have a long Waiting list for entry into different Sections and sometimes there is space available straight away. Either way, we will contact you in due course to let you know progress and availability. Please bear with us, as we are all volunteers...

Please do not add your Young Person to the Waiting List if they are aged under four. 

We allocate spaces like this:

Potential new Members are selected from the Waiting List, when places become available and the young person is of an age to be admitted into a Section, according to the following priorities:

1. Children of the current Leader/Helper team.

2. Children who are moving up from lower Sections (Beavers or Cubs) due to age.

3. Children of the current Executive Committee.

4. Siblings of current Members of the 8th Wimbledon Scout Group, as long as that young person has been on the Waiting List for 6 months.

5. The length of time the prospective Member has been on the Waiting List.

6. Children transferring from other Scout Groups.

... which brings us on to the next topic...

All of the adults who help in Scouting, either on the coal face as Leaders and Helpers, or behind the scenes on committees or helping with fund raising and administration are all 100% volunteers. They are all just like you. Some of them have been parents of children in the Group or have benefited from Scouting in their own life; some have volunteered because they have a skill they would like to share. There are many reasons why people volunteer to Scouting but it is guaranteed that they will benefit from the experience.

Have a look at what The Scout Association says about Volunteering as an adult and then come back to us...

If you would like to find out about the opportunities we currently have in the 8th Wimbledon then please take a look at our ADULT VOLUNTEERS page.

The Parent Portal of Online Scout Manager, OSM

We use this amazing facility to keep track of our Members and their progress through Scouting, their badges gained and also for so many other reasons - and you as a parent/guardian of a child in the Group get to see their records and update us on any changes to things like contact details or next of kin etc. OSM and the Parent Portal are fully GDPR compliant. Follow this link to find out more.

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